Veronica Maioli
Researcher - PhD

Veronica holds a biology degree with a master in Botany from the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro/Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and a PhD in Ecology from the State University of Rio de Janeiro, where she developed part of the research at the Lüdwig-Maximilian Universität (Germany). In parallel, she worked as an environmental consultant since 2007 carrying out forest inventories and environmental licensing in the brazilian biomes.

She has experience in multidisciplinary projects with emphasis on Applied Ecology, Socio-ecological Systems, Ethnobotany, Biological and Cultural Conservation. Veronica is a researcher at the Centre for Conservation and Sustainability Science (CSRio) and integrates the team of the International Institute for Sustainability (IIS) where she collaborates with the development and implementation of projects for conservation in private areas and ecosystem services.

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