Basic and Applied Research

CSRio is a centre for research on biodiversity conservation and sustainability, with the aim of developing basic and applied research on conservation and sustainability science for:

Strategic planning of conservation and transition to sustainability

Develop knowledge, models, syntheses and databases, to be consistently updated

Reconcile the development of basic applied science with research focused on specific challenges

Centre for Network Synthesis

CSRio operates as a traditional centre with its own multidisciplinary team and as a centre for network synthesis, organising and hosting studies with experts and national and international institutions of excellence for:

Supporting the development of national and international public policies

Capability for conservation and sustainability in the 21st century: blending theory and practice

Acting as an international reference point, becoming a locus for events and a bridge with excellence centres

With the final goal of effectively integrating nature conservation into public and private decision-making processes

Lines of Research

  • Integrated and dynamic socio-ecological systems
  • Incentive mechanisms for conservation (including financing)
  • Perception and Valuation of Nature
  • Global conservation analyses
  • Ecosystem services (water, climate regulation, protection landslides etc)
  • Systematic Conservation and Restoration Planning
  • Multi-criteria spatial strategy
  • Modelling and simulations of land use scenarios
  • Geoprocessing and dynamics of soil use
  • Impacts, Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change
  • Sustainability Science and Indicators
  • Traditional populations and conservation
  • Relationship between conservation and human development
  • Social aspects of conservation economics and restoration
  • The city of Rio de Janeiro as a complex socio-ecological system
  • Ecological Restoration
  • Relationship between society and nature, including historical aspects
  • Nature and Human Health
  • Sustainability Ethics