CSRio Seminar – Challenges and lessons learned from Rio de Janeiro’s Green Agenda

On September 19, we received the undersecretary for Biodiversity Conservation and Climate Change of Rio de Janeiro, Eline Martins, who presented the seminar “Challenges and editions learned from a green agenda in Rio de Janeiro”, qualifying about the main challenges of the the state’s green agenda, how to define folders and achievements, address actions such as the implementation of the Forest Restoration Portfolio,  the supervision and fight against deforestation.

Eline Martins is biologist, Master of Conservation and PhD in Botany focusing on nature conservation. Before joining the State Secretariat for the Environment and Sustainability of Rio de Janeiro, worked for 9 years at the National Flora Conservation Center / Botanical Garden Research Institute of Rio de Janeiro, coordinating multidisciplinary teams on various projects that supported decision making as development of federal and international public policies. Throughout his career, developed technical and academic works, which generated several scientific productions.


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