Bruna Medeiros
Researcher - Masters degree

Bruna has a master’s degree in Ecology from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. Currently, she is a PhD candidate in Ecology at this same institution. Has experience in environmental education and management, working in non-governmental organizations and in public-private partnerships. Also has experience in design, coordination and execution of projects in areas of high socio-environmental vulnerability and is a member of an NGO focused on environmental education, in which she was part of the board of directors. She has skills in stakeholder engagement, data collection, literature review, qualitative and quantitative analysis tools. Her research seeks to understand the science-policy interface in complex socio-ecological systems and how the production of participatory knowledge can narrow this interface, bringing science closer to decision-making and the formulation of public policies. As a project and research assistant at the International Institute for Sustainability (IIS) and the Center for Science in Conservation and Sustainability in Rio (CSRio), she articulates and interacts with actors for the execution of projects, participates in field logistics, works in the elaboration of projects and in research development.

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