Bernardo Strassburg at the ninth Trondheim Conference on Biodiversity
Wednesday July 3rd, 2019
Bernardo Strassburg, CSRio coordinator, attended this week the ninth Trondheim Conference on Biodiversity, in Norway. The event brought together decision-makers and experts from around the world to learn about and discuss knowledge and know-how for the global post-2020 biodiversity framework

Bernardo was one of the speakers of Session 4  – “Achieving changes – moving awat from ´business as usual´”. The purpose of this session was to consider what we are already doing – and what more can be done – to move away from ‘business as usual,’ which has not been sufficiently successful in delivering on the Aichi Targets. His presentation, “Using the UN Decade of Restoration as  a driver of change” can be watched here.

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